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Larson, Antonyuk & Lei. 2019. Superiority and Scope Freezing.

Squib, Linguistic Inquiry 50(1)

Antonyuk-Yudina and Bailyn. Backward Pronominalization in Russian: A Syntactic Account

Unpublished ms, Stony Brook University (2008)

The Puzzle of Russian Ditransitives

In Dative structures in Romance and Beyond. 2020. Eds. Anna Pineda and Jaume Mateu. Open Generative Syntax series.

Quantifier Scope in Russian

GLOSSA, to appear

DGfS 40, Antonyuk and Hallman 2018

On the Syntax of U-Possessor Phrases in Ukrainian and Russian


This is a short introductory article about generative linguistics as a discipline and a branch of cognitive science, written for English philology students but of potential interest to anyone interested in linguistics.

FDSL 12 Handout Antonyuk and Larson 2016

Scope freezing in PP Dative Constructions?

FASL 24 paper (final pre-print draft)

Russian Scope Freezing: Novel Evidence and Account

FASL 25 Antonyuk 2016

Embracing the Differences: The Three Classes of Russian Ditransitives

FASL 25 Antonyuk and Mykhaylyk 2016

Specificity Movement and Scope in Ukrainian: New Arguments Against Bruening (2001)

Doctoral dissertation (Antonyuk 2015)

Quantifier Scope and Scope Freezing in Russian

The thesis was submitted in August 2015 but I kept making small changes until January 2016. This is the most recent and final (January 2016) version.

NELS 40: Antonyuk-Yudina and Mykhaylyk (2013)

Prosody of Scrambling

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Long-Distance Scrambling, VP Ellipsis, and Scope Economy in Russian